Transforming the fashion industry.

Championing businesses to accomplish the extraordinary, the Fashion Innovation Centre operates like a switchboard between the industry, content providers and academia.

Focusing on accelerating transformation in fashion's ever-changing landscape, the Fashion Innovation Center utilises its digital know-how to define a clear road map developed to help industries implement strategies and business models.

A paradigm shift full of opportunities.

The fashion industry's transformation has triggered businesses to stabilise through restructuring and commitment to long-term strategic, actionable solutions.

Acting as an innovation partner, the Fashion Innovation Centre enables businesses to recognise and capitalise on the opportunities presented by new digital frontiers that support the development of innovative concepts and the scaling up of ideas.

Ready to be Future Fit?

Through the lens of our industry expertise, the Fashion Innovation Center acts like a switchboard operator, ensuring rapport between academia, technology, research, politics and creative businesses.

Identifying opportunities that help companies emerge in a better position, the Fashion Innovation Center is comprised of change-makers with the expertise to define the future.

Fluent in the language of next-gen strategies, the Fashion Innovation Center is amplifying fashion's relationship with innovation by harnessing the power of interdisciplinary dialogue.  

Tackling today's urgent challenges with intercommunicating technology know-how, the Fashion Innovation Center's approach is based on three main processes:

Connect - Connecting the industry, content providers and academia, all with the end-user experience in focus.

Strategy - Creating roadmaps and strategy for scalable products and services.

Implement - help with manufacturing, tech development, scale innovations into businesses.

In addition, Fashion Innovation Center works with policy to help establish new business standards for the digitalisation of the fashion industry.
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To The Content Providers, Fashion Needs You.

As fashion businesses evolve into media brands in their own right, content has become the holy grail for many brands. As a result, fashion brands have started to invest in controlling their narrative by stepping up and capturing the conversations with consumers directly through their owned media channels.Supporting the fashion industry to control their narrative, the Fashion Innovation Center strives to strengthen a renewed focus on betterment by guiding fashion brands to work collaboratively with other sectors like the gaming and entertainment industries.
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