Designing the next generation of fashion.

Fashion Innovation Center acts as an acceleration and innovation hub, merging new business, technology and research with hands-on explorations.

We solve real world problems with the goal of leading and supporting the transformation towards a profitable and sustainable fashion industry.

Creating the fashion
brands of tomorrow.

The fashion industry needs to radically shift from the current outdated linear model to a ’lower the production – increase sales’ approach. The key drivers spells cross-industry collaborations and new business models.

What happens when a gaming company joins forces with a fashion brand and invites developers to an open-source party? Or when a telecom operator connects a whole retail store? Can a streaming service become the next big fashion house?

Disruption through innovation creates new revenue streams.

System Transformation.
Change the Industry.

Nexus Fashion -  The System Transformation Nexus at Stanford (Nexus) is an international collective for thought-leadership, strategic action, and impact.

The purpose of the Nexus is to bring together an international community of leaders from diverse organizations to co-create pathways and shape system change initiatives for addressing the challenges of a new era.

The Nexus leverages the power of advanced methodologies, tools, technologies, and institutional platforms to open up new opportunity spaces to maximize both economic and socio-environmental impact.
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Business Innovation.
We help you get started.

FIC works in sprint-based projects to quickly test and evaluate ideas and achieve results.

Together with existing and upcoming brands, as well as cross-sector collaborations, FIC works hands-on in projects from initial idea to final execution. All projects aim to research new business models and revenue streams within digital fashion.

We are currently exploring the following areas:

Brand Experience, how can I experience what the brand is conveying in its storytelling for real? Can a subscription / membership with a fashion brand mean concerts, music, parties, art experiences, movies, games linked to the clothes?

Fashion as a service
, how can we add value through fashion?
A hotel wants to offer training clothes for the guests. We setup plug and play, simple systems where it's easy to get started and expand quickly.

Digital Presence
, what is digital fashion? Does fashion have to be about clothes when you are online? How can companies and brands make a move into the digital world?

The new marketplace, what happens when a player brings together several designers and brands and builds a digital brand based on subscriptions? Will the market of the future look more like Netflix and HBO, whose platforms offer their subscribers own produced original content as well as content produced elsewhere.
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The Smart Fashion

The fashion of tomorrow will look completely different than today. Just like the music and movie industry was revolutionised by tech companies like Spotify and Netflix, we are going to see a similar transformation in fashion. The fashion industry of tomorrow will be defined by sectors like gaming, technology, entertainment, and real estate.

The definition of fashion will be broadened from garments and apparel. The consumer of tomorrow will value the digital experience in the same way as the analog.

Actually, it’s already happening. Who’s not to say that Fortnite — with a turnover of $3 billion selling digital clothes/skins — is not a fashion company?

We want to help navigate this transformation.
The Smart Fashion Report is a multi-channel project with the purpose of delivering insights and actionable intelligence on how to create an innovative, sustainable, and profitable fashion future. That’s why we call it Smart Fashion. The Smart Fashion Report consists of a yearly report, an international podcast, a monthly newsletter, a biannual conference and workshops.

The Smart Fashion Report is a collaboration between Fashion innovation center and Scandinavian Mind
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Our Legacy.

Our Legacy.


Students at FIT Tech lab designed a cutting edge dress, featured at the Harper’s Bazaar ICONS event that explored fashion as a service powered by wearable technology.
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Fashinnovation Global Talks Video

Fashion Innovation For The Consumer Using Technologies
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Having recently launched a new product line intended specifically for bicycle commuters, it looked to us to create a product that utilizes wearable technology to enhance urban cyclist safety.
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The project aimed to imagine the clothing of tomorrow. Based on strategic marketing studies carried out beforehand, we helped the students at IFA Paris to create smart fashion products. 
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Collaboration drives innovation. 

The digitalisation of the fashion industry is not only creating new connected products but also the need for new digital services and collaborations. New standards and infrastructure need to be set. New services and solutions need to be developed. FIC works closely with world-leading industry experts to quickly achieve results. We will always be interested in collaboration and partnership for mutual benefit.

If you have an idea of how you can contribute to the fashion industry's transition to sustainability, we want to hear from you at Fashion Innovation Center.

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The fashion revolution will be digitized. Companies and brands that have the courage to “self-disrupt” and adapt a new business model, where revenue doesn’t come from more consumption of textile, will emerge as winners. New standards and infrastructures needs to be set. New services and solutions needs to be developed.

If you have an idea of how you can contribute to the fashion industry’s transition to sustainability, do not hesitate to contact us at Fashion Innovation Center. We will always be interested in collaborations/partnership for mutual benefit by association in both directions.

A partnership with Fashion Innovation Center will connect you with all the expertise, knowledge and resources necessary to optimize the fashion industry’s shift towards sustainability. You will get direct access to an extended network of world leading experts that will put you at the forefront of the digital transformation of the fashion industry.

Contact us for more information about our partnership program.

If you have any questions, thoughts or ideas please let us know.

We would love to hear your thoughts about our work, sustainability, collaborations or anything else. So don’t be shy to say hi, and give us a call or send a message.
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