With a background from microelectronics and the start up of NEUE we know our way around the meta verse.  We have been deeply involved both in the fashion industry and as media content providers for a long time.

Our profession spans from creating educational programs at universities, consulting the industry/ organizations to being advisors for brands and creating original content.

We see Fashion Innovation Center as the answer to the next version of fashion. Pioneering and innovating.


Our mission is to digitize the fashion industry by implementing strategies and business models, that drives sustainable growth from day one.

Fashion Innovation Center acts as an acceleration and innovation hub, merging new business, technology and research with hands-on explorations between the industry, content providers and academia, putting user experience in focus.

We boost brands with meaningful purpose and add digital content by cross-sector collaborations. We solve real world problems, leading and supporting the transformation towards a sustainable and still profitable fashion industry.

Meet some members of the team.

Fredrik Timour
Fredrik Timour has a broad, deep and holistic perspective to digital fashion.

He have worked for the Swedish Fashion Council setting up a new innovation center for fashion.

He is also the founder of Neue, a platform for digital fashion development including both hardware, software and cloud services, for fashion brands and end user applications.

He has been running courses in fashion tech at Fashion Institute of Technology - NYC, London College of Fashion - London, IFA - Paris, Beckmans - Stockholm. Furthermore, he has been working directly with clients like Fusalp, POC, IKEA, BACK, Snickers Workwear, SAS, IBM developing new business models and concepts for digital fashion.
Kurt Svegård
Kurt is a consultant and problem solver for more than 20 years, with the last 6 in the fashion industry.

Kurt has global experience in fundamental transformation and performance improvements from various industries. Business areas of focus are ESG, value chains, digital & technology.

Kurt focus on strategic change and demographic shifts happening on the fashion stage with a keen interest in the intersection of emerging business models, technology and entertainment.

Kurt has management and board experience from fashion companies and other industries globally.
Mikael Frithiof
Gaming, music and film / Co-Founder
Mikael is an entrepreneur and a people person. 2019, he won the prestigious ”Entrepreneur of the year” - award in Stockholm, Sweden.

He thrives from building creative teams, inspire, finding new talents and  grow with honesty and equality as his guiding light.

He is the founder of the successful company Red Pipe in Stockholm and Rebound Sound Company in Los Angeles. Both award winning studios with great presence on the global market. Delivering high quality work as content creator for brands such as; Battlefield, Call of Duty, Mercedes, Oakley, Volvo, Urban Beats, H&M, IKEA, GE, Nike, Uniqlo, Desire etc.

Mikael also founded a music label, a publishing company and the audio branding company ”Hifi your brand”. If there is an opportunity to be found no matter the field, Mikael will find it.
Lars Mattiasson
Emerging Businesses / Co-Founder
Lars Mattiasson is the co-founder of the xPlot platform for Culture and Creative Industries. He has a large international network and deep knowledge of acceleration processes and business development.

He is active in industry-specific investor networks and  brings together Swedish incubators within CCSI. Xplot is the Swedish partner of the global organization Creative Business Network.

Lars was co-founder of the CCSI incubator The Creative Plot at Ideon Innovation in Lund.

He also works with international relations at the innovation platform Future by Lund focusing on startups, SME:s and the international ecosystem.

Lars has a long experience in fashion, textiles, manufacturing and design with extensive know-how from the Culture and Creative Industries.