COP-27 Panel

November 18, 2022

CEO and founder of Fashion Innovation CenterFredrik Timour takes to the UN Innovation stage at COP27.The UN Global Innovation Hub is a space that will introduce new products, business models, innovations and services. Discussing innovation can advance markets and both transform and create supply chains. Innovation can be used to manage change and discover new opportunities. Currently, climate innovation is focused on fostering competitive advantage and sustaining current growth paths, and increasingly to comply with economic and social regulations that ask stakeholders for emission reductions. With a cluster of climate actors using the Pavilion at COP27 as a collaborative platform, the UGIH can help develop, transfer and deploy solutions that align with the SDGs and climate goals.The panel was organized by Climate-KIC, an EU Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) working to accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon, climate-resilient society, in partnership with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Fredrik was joined by Luca Bertolino and Laura Rojas Uribe and Moderated by Muchaneta ten Napel (née Kapfunde).

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