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Fashion Innovation For The Consumer Using Technologies

Fashion Is Innovating for the Consumer via Technologies

- Sandra Campos: CEO, Project Verte

- Daina Burnes: Founder & CEO, Bold Metrics

- Ganesh Subramanian: Founder & CEO, Stylumia

- Nikhita Iyar: Head of Strategic Business Development, Moxtra

- Emma Lee: Head of Fashion - the Americas, Tmall Global & Kaola

- Fredrik Timour: Head of Fashion Innovation, Swedish Fashion Council/Fashion Innovation Center(Moderator)

Panel at Fashinnovation Worldwide Talks 4th Edition,  February 11th, 2021. Fashion is NOW.

Sandra Campos: As the former CEO of Diane Von Furstenberg and President of culturally iconic brands, Sandra is known as an innovator whose focus on digital acceleration and the implementation of Omni-channel strategies to enhance the consumer experience make a significant impact to topline sales and bottom line profit. 

Daina Burnes is the Founder and CEO of Bold Metrics, Inc (BMI), the leading AI-driven retail fit technology company headquartered in San Francisco, California. Bold Metrics uses AI to empower apparel brands to reduce returns, boost conversions, and improve sustainability. 

Ganesh Subramanian has over 25 years of leadership experience in fashion & lifestyle retail. He is the former COO of Myntra.com, India’s largest online fashion retailer and is responsible for scaling it to a multi-million dollar entity it is today. He founded Stylumia to help retail companies eliminate guesswork and get more accurate with demand forecasting. It’s his mission to reduce waste, both economic and ecological. 

Nikhita Iyar leads the Strategic Business Development team at Moxtra. Moxtra’s Customer Collaboration Platform powers your OneStop Digital Channel, in every customer’s pocket. Moxtra-powered private digital channels provide a one-stop experience for your customers and partners to reach into your organization and get premier service, anytime, anywhere. 

Emma Lee is an e-commerce veteran with diverse experience in brand building, digitalization strategy and business development. She was part of the founding team at Gilt Groupe and spent time at established companies like American Express and Coach. She currently leads the Fashion category at Tmall Global and Kaola to help brands in the Americas region tap into the Chinese market through Alibaba’s cross border solutions.

Fredrik Timour has a broad, deep and holistic perspective to digital fashion. He works for the Swedish Fashion Council setting up a new innovation center for fashion and is part of the national platform for sustainable fashion. He is also the founder of Neue, a platform for digital fashion development including both hardware, software and cloud services, for fashion brands and end user applications.

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